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COVID Protocol

Over the past months our therapists have been busy preparing for this day. We have all completed the Infection Prevention and Control training set out by Public Health as well as newly implemented guidelines set out by our College of Massage Therapists of Ontario for a safe/disinfected clinic environment for your return. Therapists have been treating a small amount of emergency patients this past month to familiarize themselves with new procedures. Please know that you are coming into a safe, clean environment.

Our new protocols:

  • You will receive a Covid-19 pre-screening email to complete at least 24 hours before your appointment. A therapist will try to call you prior to your appointment if the form is not completed to see if you need assistance. Please note: your treatment cannot be done without this completed.
  • Where possible please arrive alone for your appointment. When you arrive, we ask that you wait outside or in your car. We require extra time between massages to disinfect so if you are early please be patient. Keep an eye on the door as we will “wave” to you when the clinic is ready and safe for your arrival.
  • Please bring a clean mask or one will be provided for you. Therapists and patients will always need to be masked.
  • Upon entering the clinic, you will be asked to hand sanitize and your temperature will be taken using a contactless thermometer (so try and stay cool in your car!). You will also be asked to review the COVID screening questions again.
  • We are trying to be as touch free as possible. Debit/credit payment is preferred; tap is available on our card machine. Receipts will be emailed rather than printed.

Cleaning protocols have greatly increased, and this means we will need more time between appointments to properly follow procedures, as a result less patients can be seen in a day. If you have pre booked appointments, please be advised we may be contacting you to possibly shorten, shift, or rebook your appointment on a different date or time. We know how eager you are to get back in for a massage, and we will try our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible! Hopefully over the coming months we’ll be able to return closer to normal.

Due to the increase of PPE, sanitizing costs and procedural changes related to keeping everyone safe from COVID we have had to increase our cost per massage to the following:

30 min $66.00
45 min $80.00
60 min $98.00
90 min $139.00

These prices will go into effect July 6th, 2020. Under normal circumstances we usually post our fee increases months in advance but during this unprecedented time we ask that you are understanding of the extra costs associated with keeping everyone safe. Some patients have booked appointments into July already not knowing about the rate increase. Please email your therapist if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment.

During our time off, Alysha has decided to leave our clinic and we wish her well as she focuses on her work at the spa. While we are sad to see her go, Heather is doing her best to accommodate all her patients as well as covering for Kristin while she is off on her maternity leave (she had a healthy, adorable baby boy named Conrad). Please be advised some of our therapists schedules have changed or been modified since our return, they will be happy to let you know about these changes when you speak with them, via email or in person.

We understand not everyone will be comfortable receiving a massage at this time. Know that we still care about you and will be here whenever you are ready to return. If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please email your therapist directly:

Ann- ann@anaturalalternative.ca
Julie- fasan@anaturalalternative.ca
Kathryn- kschneider@anaturalalternative.ca
Heather (Kristin and Alysha’s patients)- hgray@anaturalalternative.ca

Yours in good health,
The A Natural Alternative Team

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